Daniel Martin Nielsen Sound artist, composer, saxophonist

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My inner drive is to achieve the impossible in my field. I want to try out outrageous ideas and see where they take me. They often ignites from glimpses of possibility that sparks a fire of creativity

About me

Sound artist with a systemic and thorough mindset. Strive with well planned team work and focused independent time. Expert in Reaper and Wwise, quick to learn new programs. Takes a pride in keeping a clean naming convention and a structured repository.

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During my recent years, I have evolved a passion for interactivity and systemic thinking with games as my preferred medium. That has led me to detours working with theater, sound installations, and movies. Combined with a desired working method of sticking to a strict dogma I have developed wacky passion projects such as a game made in Reaper, a game of 3D scanned and sampled parts of my saxophone and even a game made inside of Wwise.

From 2018 to 2021 I was working on a startup game studio making Scarlet Republics, a fantasy TRPG set in a stunning renaissance setting that resolved in a successful Kickstarter campaign. During the time I was fortunate to be part of other projects, where I'm particularly proud of my contributions to Wolfenstein Youngblood and especially Back4blood where I recorded over 2.000 loud sounds from my bathtub and oven. My neighbors loved it.

I mainly see myself as a sound artist with Reaper as my main instrument and extensive knowledge in Wwise. I'm never afraid to learn new tools or find a new path to solve a common problem. I prefer to work independently but am a great team worker who puts the ego aside when needed and not being afraid of scrapping weeks of work if it benefits the vision of the project. My work is structured and focused with a playful twist, no matter if it's strict Wwise implementation or free musical compositions.

When I'm not wworking in Wwise or reorganizing reverberation in Reaper I'm actually also a saxophonist, playing around 150 gigs per year, mainly as a bandmember of others' music or playing with DJ's at clubs, parties or concerts. Like many others, I find great joy in the exploration of sounds, so it's not uncommon to find me field recording a 5m long spring with a magnetic microphone or testing how a bent metal submerged in water sounds recorded from a hydrophone.

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