Scarlet Republics

September 20, 2018 → October 31, 2021
Sound DesignCompositionMixing

Audio Director and composer

I was involved from the very beginning with this project, which is something truly unique in the game industry. This meant that I was part of writing the audio documentation, prototyping and world building and slowly build up the Wwise project from a single demo-file to thousands of assets. For the game I among other things built an extensive music system with adaptive sounds on granular levels that preserved the pace of the tactical, turnbased game play. It's one of the things from the project that I'm particularly proud of. My goal was to create an ever-evolving soundtrack that adapts to the players feelings and not simply the measurable moves in the game.

Along with the complicated system of interactive music, I managed to create an unique atmosphere of sound in collaboration with the sound designer Nikolaj de Haan and the rest of the team.