February 2, 2021 → April 15, 2021
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Credited sound artist


In close collaboration with the composer, Martin Stig Andersen, I was in charge of recording and reamping sounds to be used musically in the game.

At first the task was to record a dozens of sound assets for one of the bosses in the game, the Breaker. That process involved recording sounds on a transducer in a zink bowl filled with water and then capturing the audio with a hydrophone.

I set up a sophisticated workflow that ensured to deliver hundreds of recorded files with flawless naming convention that guaranteed an efficient delivery for the composer to use.

The collaboration and workload grew to include more creative freedom and involvement in other bosses in the game, including sampling choir for Hag. The project culminated with a recording session on my initiative, where we loaned a local scout cabin, where Martin, Katrine Amsler and I could play loud sounds through homebuilt guitars, 10m long springs, wrecked acoustic acoustic guitars and transducers attached in the oven. All combined it provides the perfect source material for a zombie apocalypse soundtrack.

Afterwards I was in handled the editing, organizing and processing the hundreds and hundreds of snippets that we ended up with